Fortnite: Patch 6.10 Brings Improvements in Android 7.0 & New Vehicle

Patch 6.10

Season 6 of Fortnite (Android, iOS, PC and consoles) continues with a new Battle Pass and regular updates are in full swing. After version 6.01 and 6.02, Epic Games has just released 6.10, which adds a new vehicle, a new game mode option and several fixes for Android and iOS devices. The highlight of the new mode is the Quadcrasher. Watch the video below:

The new vehicle is a quad for 2 people that increases driving and destruction capabilities. It can break down buildings and run over players, who are tossed into the air. Literally an ATV disguised tractor

The new game mode will be a reality competition from time to time. Tournaments will be scheduled and scheduled, but there will be no more private events, everyone will have a chance to participate.

On Android, Fortnite has had many improvements. Who owns Android 7.0 and older devices, have gained performance improvement to make the game playable (after all, playing at 15 fps or less is not playing).

The update is now available on Android and iOS. After downloading APK again (via installer), the game asks for an update of something around 940 MB.

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