Fortnite Mobile Earnings For Epic Are $ 2 Million Dollars a Day

Fortnite Mobile lives up to its loading screen with a unicorn. The game is really something unique in terms of success and especially billing. According to data from the Sensor Tower, Epic Games pocketed $ 2 million dollars per day, with only sales of items in the Mobile version.

Note that Fortnite Mobile is only available on iOS. The game has already been confirmed for Android and will be released until September 2018.

According to data, Fortnite Mobile’s peak revenue was one day after the fifth season came. Just that day, iPhone and iPad players spent $ 3 million dollars. All in all, since launch, iOS gamers have spent more than $ 150 million in the game.

Is it the Greatest Mobile Success of All Time? Eh … No!

Remember that the turnover of a mobile game is Clash of Clans, which at the height of 2015 made about $ 5 million dollars a day.

Clash of Clans differentials were two. The purchases improved the performance in the game. In addition, that average of 5 million per day, remained for almost more than a year. Until I lose my breath in 2017.

However, Fortnite Mobile has everything to beat that goal. The game has not yet been released on Android and the likelihood of repeating iOS success is too great.

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