Fortnite: How to register in the Beta and Download the APK on Android!

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Fortnite for Android has temporary exclusivity on Samsung cell phones, but who owns a smartphone or another brand can test the game before the final release, see how to download the APK direct from the official website.

How to register and download the APK

The first thing to do is access the official website of Fortnite. Do not download APK from unfamiliar places, Epic is blocking these APKs.

Step 1. Go to the official website:

Step 2. Fill in the data. You can sign up using your Facebook account.

Step 3. Select your Android device. If it is not in the list, choose one that is closest to your device. Do not choose “Other Device” (it will take longer to receive the email if you do this).

Step 4. Now just wait to receive an email like the image below. In it, you will receive all the instructions to install the APK.

When you receive the email, confirm that it came from Epic Games itself. Just touch first steps to be directed to a specific page to download the Fortnite installer.

“How to Install Fortnite APK”

By touching “first steps”, the user is directed to the official Epic website, which tells how to install the game. You will download the Fortnite Installer. It’s only 4 MB.

Remember to enable the “Unknown Sources” option in your Android smartphone settings. Otherwise, it is impossible to install the game Fortnite.

After starting the installer it opens asking you to download the rest of the game. Installation is straightforward and requires no user intervention.

In some cases, the device will appear as “incompatible”. In these cases, there is not much to do. All that remains is to expect a Fortnite upgrade that improves compatibility.

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