Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

For those who are starting to play Fortnite on Android, one of the first things you should learn is what are the best weapons in the game. Something essential to get the upper hand in straight combat. See which weapon is best by category.

The Colors of Weapons

Fortnite is a very colorful game. But in the case of weapons, the colors we see in the icons at the bottom of the screen, are not at all. Each color represents the rarity of each weapon. As this color changes, the ability to damage and “spray” changes as well. Check out the table below that shows how colors work from the worst (gray) to the best (gold).

  • Common – Gray
  • Unusual – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Orange
  • Myth – Gold

The Myth category is reserved for very rare items in the game, which are only added to events. A good example was the Handle of Infinity, added in the event in which his character becomes Thanos of the movie Avengers: Infinite War.

What’s the best Fortnite Shootgun?

Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

Unlike other shooting games, Fortnite gives a special highlight to the shootguns. Thanks to the construction mechanics, it is common to stay in small areas with other players. In this scenario, the shootguns are excellent.

Of all, the Pump Shootgun and the Tactical Gun are the best. The Tactical Shotgun is semi-automatic and has a fast firing rate, while the Pump Shotgun (famous “p * nheteira”) has a more powerful shot but a slower firing rate. The Pump is the favorite shotgun of many players, but it can be difficult to master for beginners.

Recently, Epic added a short two-barreled shotgun. It’s kind of funny that the producer has responded to the current target of shootguns by adding another shootgun. The weapon came very powerful in the “purple” color, with 143 damage when fired closely. Basically you can shoot down an enemy with health and full shield with two shots in sequence.

What is the best Fortnite Rifle?

Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

In any online shooting game the AR, Assault Rifles or simply Rifles are the most popular weapons in the game. Ideal for medium and long distance.

Fortnite is no different. In the game, you will find colorful reproductions of AK and SCAR. They are the two strongest rifles of the game. AK, as in any game, has a very bad recoil. But if you master it, that gun will be great. SCAR is the medium rifle that is good in any situation.

Epic recently added new weapons like the Thermal Scoped AR. It is a Rifle with Thermal sight. This weapon is fantastic for long range as it allows you to see well-placed enemies in the sights (thanks to the signature of heat). Ideal for giving that 360 vision and see if there are any players around. However, the retreat is horrible. Be sure to just tap the button to shoot and not shoot several.

Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

Lastly, we have the Scoped AR. It’s basically an M4 rifle with a 4X scope in it that only appears in the Blue and Purple versions. For long-range shooting, thanks to target assist, this rifle is excellent, the best of the game. But if you can not get it, you can turn around with a SCAR and a Sniper Rifle without problems.

Are rocket launchers good?

Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

Rocket Launchers are one of Fortnite’s best weapons. Ideal not only to take down another player, but also to destroy buildings.

As in any shooting game, be aware of the sights and where the rocket will hit. In long range, try to hit an enemy and its construction. Already in the middle distance look at the ground where your enemy walks. But be careful not to use in the short distance, you can blow your character.

Best Fortnite Sniper Rifles?

Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

When it comes to giving that OTA from afar, the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, nicknamed AWM only, is the ideal weapon. It is available only in orange, which says it all. A bullet in the head and “bye” is 240 damage.

This Sniper already comes equipped with 8X sight. In other words, the complete package for fans shooting from far away.

And the other weapons

Fortnite for Android: See the Best Weapons (by category)

The other weapons are good at “epic color,” however, you can not think of getting the ending with them. Surely your opponents will find better weapons (listed here) and will have a huge advantage against you at the end of each game.

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