Fire Fire: What are the best shotguns?

best Free Fire Shotgun

It’s time we talked about them, the shotguns. The most controversial weapons of the Free Fire (after the grenade launcher), the rifles can be very good or very bad and have a use for them both at the beginning and at the end of the games.

After all, are shotguns good at Free Fire?

As in Fortnite, use of the Shotguns goes beyond the start of the match. Also, they are good at short and one of them in the middle distance too. This makes their use go beyond “inside a house”.

At the end of a match, when the circle is closing. Switching between an AR for a shotgun, it can be the victory for sure. Do not you think? Check the damage of the shotguns.

best Free Fire Shotgun

The damage from a shotgun can reach 97 points from close range. In other words, two shot and it was already, even “cover 3”. The problem is that you have to be very close to the enemy.

The use of shotguns at the end of the match has increased especially inexperienced players who have good ping and FPS spikes at 30 frames per second (the Free Fire limit).

However, the rifles must not be taken to the end of the game. Unless you’re very good with them, and you’re taking a Famas or P90 in your backpack.

The combo shotgun + Sniper may be tempting, but in reality, it’s not so good. You will have one weapon for very close and another for very far, without a middle ground.

What is the best Free Fire Shotgun?

Up close, all Shotguns are excellent. The question of using them is to have a good ping. Anything over 200ms already hurts the use of shotguns. Having a drop in the frame rate also greatly damages. Because if your cell phone gives too much lag in the hand-to-hand confrontation, you can give up using the shotguns.

best Free Fire Shotgun

Of all shotguns, SPAS12 is the one that has a slightly better range. Your shooting rate is good too. But loading is slow. So if you shot 6 times and did not kill the enemy, switch weapons as it will take seconds precious to recharge.

And here ends our article on the Free Fire rifles. Be sure to check out the next articles detailing each weapon and giving tips on how to use them.

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