Fire Emblem Heroes’ Latest Event Honors the Series’ more Tragic Figures

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Sure, Fire Emblem Heroes has been around for over a year now, but the game’s still going strong, and so Nintendo continues to reward the game’s fans with ongoing bursts of new content. The latest in the cycle is the Fallen Heroes Summoning Event, which starts on February 22.

The game’s latest event features three new characters who’ve all fallen to the side of evil at some point in the series. If you’re still working your way through the games (we really encourage you to get on that), you may want to avert your eyes to avoid some slight spoilers.

Okay, all set? The first new character headed to Fire Emblem Heroes’prolific shores is Fell Incarnation Robin, who you have the misfortune of meeting should Lucina suffer a bad fate in Fire Emblem Awakening. Staying true to the canon, Bad Guy! Robin can call on the fell dragon Grima to fight at his side.

Dark Emperor Hardin’s also joining the cast (you may remember him from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem), and he’s bringing some impressive skills with him, including his weapon Gradivus, which allows him to counterattack, distance be damned. How’s that for vengeful?

Imprisoned Soul Celica of Shadows of Valentia fame is the final new addition. This enthralled version of Celica looks quite tough, and she has some nasty debuffs besides.

Players will come face to face with these characters in a new story chapter, too.

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