Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be Released on February 9th

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition has a release date. The predicted game for Android and iOS , appeared in the App Store as pre-registration. The Apple Store informs that the launch of the game will be on February 9.

Pocket Edition promises to deliver a Chibi version of Final Fantasy XV that stays as close to the original experience as possible. FFXV: Pocket Edition is also pre-registering on Android.

There will be 10 chapters in a title that will be free just to get started. Each chapter will cost $ 2.99 dollars. There will also be the option to buy the complete game for $ 19.99 (something around $ 60).

Minimum settings to run Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

FFXV: Pocket Edition will be a heavy, very heavy game. On Android will be the first game to pass the 5GB barrier. In the Google system you will need to have 8GB of available space to accommodate the game. For those who have iOS, it will not be any different.

On Android, you need to have a phone or tablet with system version 5.0 or higher, processor 1.5 GHz and 2GB of RAM or more. The game page on Google Play informs you that even with these minimum settings, some old devices will not be compatible.

For those who have iPhone or iPad, you need to have iOS 11.1, iPhones 6S and iPad fifth generation or higher.

Game link on iPhone and iPad (App Store)

Android Game Link (Google Play)

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