FIFA 19 Mobile Improves Graphics but Continues to be “Small Game”

EA has released a test version of its main football game. FIFA Football: Beta of Gameplay or FIFA 19 Mobile, as it has been called, will soon arrive with a new graphics and visual engine of first category. However, EA takes the term “mobile” very seriously and gambling justly does it. We tested the beta available on Google Play.

FIFA 19 Mobile has an automatic mode

Just like the previous version (FIFA Soccer) that eliminated entire matches, FIFA 19 Mobile maintains this style of gameplay and goes further. By default, the game is 100% automatic. Luckily you can disable everything and return the traditional buttons.

Impressive visuals, but the game sins in multiplayer.

However, at the time we tested the beta, the button commands are somewhat delayed, nor is it the fault of the smartphone, which runs the game with a unique softness. But that softness will not be for everyone.

FIFA 19 Mobile is a heavy game?

However, it is clear that FIFA 19 Mobile will be a rather heavy game. Many players are complaining about lag and “catch”. However, if you have an intermediate smartphone with Snapdragon 600 series and 4 GB of RAM, it will run the game smoothly.

The weight is justified with very beautiful graphics. Compared to other games of the genre like PES 2019 and DLS 2018, FIFA 19 Mobile is the football game with the best graphics of the day.

Disappointment in game modes

To the sadness of many, FIFA 19 Mobile does not add many game modes. The game maintains the “Ultimate Team” scheme. The experience is broken into steps that need to be played as training, matches against the machine and matches against other players.

Like the previous game, the matches are asynchronous. You are not playing directly with the person, just throw the moves that lead “danger” to the opponent’s goal.

There are still other modes blocked, but by all accounts we will not have the chance to compete with friends in a local versus or play a full multiplayer versus game.

Another disappointment is the style of how to acquire content. There are only 55 MB of data to download. However, the game requires constant downloads. Playing on 3G or 4G can be disastrous if your data package is small.

BETA Game Link (Google Play)

Developer: EA 
Advertisement: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 
Language: English | Size: 55 MB (make constant downloads)

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