Fallout 4: How to use the Pip-Boy companion app on iOS and Android

Fallout 4: How to use the Pip-Boy companion app on iOS and Android

Companion apps are a bit crap. But if there’s one time that a second screen makes sense, it’s as a personal Pip-Boy in Fallout 4.

And that’s exactly what Bethesda’s iOS and Android app does. Once connected to your console or PC, your phone or tablet will show you everything your in-game Pip-Boy does, letting you change weapons or look at maps on the fly.

Here’s a quick guide to setting it up. You just need a relatively modern smart device, and a copy of the game on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.


First, make sure your console or computer is on the same wi-fi network as your phone or tablet. You can find information on your network connection in the settings menu for your console, computer, or smart device of choice.


Next, download the free Fallout Pip-Boy app. You can get it here on the iOS App Storehere on Google Play, or here on the Windows store.


Install Fallout 4 on your console or computer, and play through the beginning of the game until you come across the Pip-Boy. This should take a little less than an hour to achieve.


In Fallout 4, press start and open the settings menu. Choose the gameplay section.


At the very bottom of the list is an option called “Pip-Boy App Enabled”. Switch it on and quit the settings. You might want to pull up your Pip-Boy to pause the game and avoid being murdered by mole rats while you set up the app.


Load the app on your device, and choose your platform – PC, PS4, or Xbox One – from the list.


If everything is connected properly, you’ll see your console or computer on a screen like the one above. Tap it to connect.


And you’re done! You can now use your phone or tablet to do practically anything the Pip-Boy can do in the game. Like applying stimpaks, changing weapons, reading quest logs, changing radio stations, or looking at the map.


If you have the Pip-Boy peripheral, you may need to change the display mode. Just hit the settings button in the top left corner, hit “Display Mode”, and switch from full screen to hardware.


If you don’t have the Pip-Boy peripheral then any problem. Improvise!
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