F1 Mobile Racing: Codemasters Free Game Comes First to iOS

F1 Mobile Racing: Codemasters Free Game Comes First to iOS

Since F1 2016, we expect an update or a great new Formula 1 mobile game. This wait is over! F1 Mobile Racing is a free game for iOS and Android (coming soon). The title first came to iPhones and iPads.

F1 Mobile Racing will be the first game that Codemasters will treat as “service”. In other words, it will be a game that will constantly gain content and updates, being the official representative of Formula 1 in the mobile.

Right from the outset, it impresses the graphic quality of the game. It’s not as “heavy” as GRID Autosport. F1 Mobile Racing is made to run even on the iPhone 6S.

The commands are simple and intuitive, remembering Real Racing 3. You can command the acceleration or leave the game in charge and only touch the brake when necessary. It is also possible to change the camera easily.

One legal feature that the game brings directly from Formula 1 is the DRS, the so-called “mobile wing”. With it, the car gains more speed, reducing drag and downforce.

F1 Mobile Racing requires a little training. It’s not an arcade game. The brake button becomes useful many times and know how to use it, as well, following the trace is essential to win in this game.

Game modes are divided into event races (solo vs. game) and duel mode (against other players). Some races are very short, but events will offer races up to 10 minutes long. Enough for an interaction without having that gut feeling broken every 2 minutes.

F1 Mobile Racing Review

F1 Mobile Racing focuses on developing your car and competing against other players. The game has the face of a Real Racing 3 and that’s it. The main goal is to improve your vehicle through the cards you earn. It is also possible to customize the vehicles. The game does not require the best of the handsets, and it is possible to play with an iPhone 6S.

Download Link (IOS)

Developer: Codemasters 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires iOS 11.0 
Language: English | Size: 847 MB

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