Evoland 2 For PC & Windows – Free Download

Evoland 2 For PC & Windows - Free Download

Evoland 2 is the continuation of the excellent RPG in which you travel in time and the graphs evolve or regress as we move through the timeline. It was almost 3 years of waiting for this excellent paid game. With about 20 hours in duration, this classic came with a discount costing only $ 19.99 (regular price is 38.99).

There are three eras: past, present and future. In the past, the graphics of the game are in the style of good old NES. As it progresses in time, the visual and gameplay evolve (hence the name of the game). The game surprises while strolling through various styles of gameplay, from 2D RPG to 3D fighting games.

GIF2_EVO2 Evoland 2 comes to Android and is a great game to "zero"!

The Story of Evoland 2

The story of Evoland 2 will take you (mostly) to three different time periods, each with its own historical setting and art style. The past, which is visually inspired by the good old NES era (with some more modern twists).

The goal of the past was to create an ambivalent world where there were no bad or good people. The story takes place in a war-torn world where each character has their own ambitions and the definition of good or bad is actually a matter of perspective. You will embark on a series of events related to the war between the Empire and the Demons, which will have a very profound impact on the evolution of the world and of other ages.

These events tell a story that you can put together in different ways. For example, you will be able to witness an event directly in the past or find a record of them in the present or future and, most of the time, doing both will be the only way to have a clear perspective on what is really happening. 

The present era of the world of Evoland 2 action takes place 50 years after the last era and everything is much quieter. In fact, the Empire is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its victory over the Demons and it seems that everything is going well in a happy and prosperous world. But our characters will witness firsthand how history is always written by the winners and how even the best lies can not make a dark past disappear.

Something happened. Something bad. The future of Evoland 2 is a daunting time, with a cataclysm that has changed the world, deluded citizens trying to pretend it never happened and new factions fighting for power. Changing the course of history seems to be the right (and very heroic) thing to do. But it seems that the flow of time itself is not as simple as it seems …

Evoland 2 For PC & Windows - Free Download

Who is a video game fan cannot be thrilled to visit a world that leaves the game with Gameboy visuals. But beyond the visual references, the game makes jokes with several other games of the past.

But fanservice to gamers does not stop there. The game is offline and it is that kind of great game to “zero” because there is no kind of buying or boring. Anyway, a game not to be missed that I will certainly have the pleasure of “zeroing” in Android.

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Download link on Google Play

Developer: Playdigious 
Advertising: No | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built-in: Does not 
require Android 4.4 
Language: English | Size: 800 MB

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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