Escape from Chernobyl is Released at a Discount on Android Also For PC & Windows

Escape from Chernobyl is Released at a Discount on Android Also For PC & Windows

Escape from Chernobyl was released on Saturday in Google Play. The game arrives at Android with a discount because it is in the testing phase. From $ 18.99, players can enjoy the game for only $ 8.99.

Radiation City’s Direct Sequence, Escape from Chernobyl adds a bit more history and seeks to have elements that really trap the player and not just make him shiver with the awesome graphics.

In this new journey, you will be directly in the city of Chernobyl and will have the difficult task of running away from the place. In addition to having to deal with the fearsome radiation, the player will have to face zombies and other monsters.


Escape from Chernobyl is not the typical easy game for mobile devices. It is difficult and requires time and strategy to learn and overcome. This game is also better lived if played with headphones.

Plunge into the darkness and dangers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in this sequel to the Radiation City adventure. Unravel the mystery that has remained unveiled: discover what happened to Lauren and the history of the nightmare in its origin.

It traverses the accurately recreated Chernobyl nuclear complex from the destroyed reactor of Unit 4 to the surroundings of the complex on a natural scale.

Explore the entire area in a continuous experience, from exploring an open world to the labyrinthine corridors of each building and the nuclear unit buildings. Look for weapons and equipment to get the edge to overcome this tremendous challenge.

Radiation with anomalies and zombies are just part of the dangers that try to kill you around every corner.

Combat in the area infested with zombies and experimental abominations that crawl through the complex with improved controls and a wide range of melee and fire weapons. Enhance your capabilities in a new combat system based on natural physics and real movement and plan your battles, trying to survive using a new noise-based stealth system.

Enjoy the incredible graphics in this survival game in an open world: unprecedented detail, physics-based rendering, dynamic shadows and post-processing.

Download Link on Google Play

Developer: Atypical Games 
Advertising: No | Game Offline 
Contains embedded purchases: Does not 
require Android 7.0 
Language: English | Size: 2 GB

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