Epic Games is deleting FORTNITE APKs from the Internet

Epic Games is deleting FORTNITE APKs from the Internet

Epic Games has filed legal action to remove Fortnite APKs hosted on file sharing sites from the Internet. The most recent victim was the APK Mirror site, which had to comply with a DMCA action (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

When looking for the Fortnite APK in APK Mirror, the user gets the message: “It looks like we had to remove the app because of a DMCA action by Epic Games Inc.”

Epic Games is deleting FORTNITE APKs from the Internet

Epic Games overturned the Fortnite APK and APK Mirror download pages based on intellectual property rights.

The takedown or felling of the page by the DMCA action happens in two ways. First, the page is taken from Google’s search results. Then Adsense is also removed, Google ads that allow the content producer to profit from the page.

Only these two actions are already devastating to any website and have a very negative impact. But there is still a third, much more severe action. The latter prohibits the display of any content related to the app and game. Even though it has already been removed from Google searches and the like. In that case, the site is judicially ordered to remove the page or face legal penalties.

We did a quick search on lumendatabase.org, a site where we can see DMCA lawsuits by Copyright, and you can see that many well-known vehicles fell into the trap of publishing APK without being from the official source, ie the Epic Games website.

Renowned sites like Gamespot, The Verge, Eurogamer and others have been restrained for sharing Fortnite unofficial APK links on the internet.

You can download the game directly from the official website

And can the company prohibit the distribution of an APK, even if it’s free? Yes! Epic Games wants Fortnite APK downloads to focus only on its official website.

The developer has already released the Fortnite installer download for everyone to test. Just go to the official website and download the APK. You also need to sign up for the beta test of the game.


Even if you download APK from anywhere else, the game will not work! It opens only when the person is already registered in the beta and has already received the invitation to test Fortnite on their Android.

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