Epic Conquest: RPG with Hack’n Slash offline For Android

Epic Conquest: RPG with Hack'n Slash offline For Android

Epic Conquest is a fun and lightweight adventure for Android phones. Choose from a warrior with sword or a young mage, and face the adventures in a cute kingdom, but full of enemies to defeat.

With simple 3D visuals, ideal for not warming your smartphone while playing, Epic Conquest is about equipping your character and facing ever more dangerous and enemy-filled missions.

The History of Epic Conquest

Focused on the plot, the game begins telling the story of his kingdom and two boys (a girl and a boy) who will meet thanks to the dangers that this land holds. Demons arise through portals, and few have the courage to face them.

Upon being almost defeated, a warrior is aided by a young mage with fire powers. Then the two unite in a journey to seal the portals and bring peace to the world again.

All of this is explained in Epic Conquest through many dialogues. It gets to be a little annoying. Do not miss using the skip button several times to skip the conversation.

Soothing gameplay and 0% Pay to Win

It is in gameplay where Epic Conquest shines. The game is offline, and despite containing some purchases, producers are proud (and rightly so) to say that the game has no automatic button and is not pay to win. There are no exaggeratedly expensive purchases.

The commands are simple, and reminiscent of “hack’n slash 3D” games. On the left side of the screen is the analog for movement, and on the right side, the action buttons. The warrior is a tanker and the mage is good at fighting at a distance.

Epic Conquest: RPG with Hack'n Slash offline For Android

Actually the title does not have “Auto” button. At first, we think we will never need to dodge, but after the fifth stage, the game is challenging.


Epic Conquest bets on simplicity to bring a common but very comforting gameplay. It’s the game to pick up and go play without worrying too much. Fortunately, it does not appeal to the dark side of the force, and it is possible to reach the end without spending money.

Link to Download APK

Download Link to Google Play

Developer: Gaco Games 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built in: Yes 
Requires Android 2.3 
Language: English | Size: 60 MB

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