End of the Mamata! PUBG Mobile Restricts Players using Emulator

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The advantage of the emulator is over. As of today (11), PUBG Mobile begins to gather emulator player in the same game. In some emulators the following message will appear: “Emulator detected, you will be paired only with players using emulators”.

However, even in those that do not appear this message ( Bluestacks, for example), the players are yes being directed to matches, where the majority of the players use an emulator.

In other words, it ‘s the end of that dishonest advantage of PC players over mobile players. The pairing works like this: anyone who uses emulators will find both comrades and enemies who also use emulators. It is still possible to fall into a match with players with a smartphone, but the rate of the encounter has fallen dramatically.

Who plays PUBG Mobile in the emulator will find predominantly other players who also use the emulator

If you play on your cell phone, create a squad with someone using an emulator, everyone will also fall into a match with a larger number of players using an emulator.

Although LightSpeed has reported that since the release of PUBG Mobile it was like this, in our tests, only this week we realized that the game really makes that distinction. We have followed the case in various forums and groups on Facebook.

For those who have weak PC, PUBG Mobile is a good option to enjoy this wonderful game. With this restriction, the game is much fairer. If you want to test PUBG Mobile on your PC, be sure to turn on Virtualization on the device’s Bios and disable the virtualization option on your Anti-virus. You can use the Bluestacks emulator.

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