Elon Musk hates Fortnite? Fake News Renders “barbs” between Billionaire and Epic

Elon Musk hates Fortnite? Fake News Renders "barbs" between Billionaire and Epic

Yesterday, Elon Musk, founder of companies like Tesla and SpaceX, shared a fake screenshot of an article from the QZ site that read “Elon Musk buys Fortnite and will erase it.” For those who did not understand, it would mean that the entrepreneur would buy Epic and deactivate Fortnite servers.

The twitter was followed by a phrase from Musk saying “I had to save these children from eternal virginity”. Musk shared the image (which is clearly false), and said, “It had to be done.”

The fake story yielded memes and a (healthy) bullshit between Elon Musk and Fortnite. The official account of the game on Twitter responded with a joke about the fact that Elon says it will take 10 years to build a base on Mars. “A whole decade @elonmusk? Just Build, LOL! “.

So, Elon Musk could buy Fortnite and delete it? Well, its net worth continues to fluctuate due to the stock price of Tesla, but the last count, Musk is worth about $ 19.7 billion. While Epic is a privately held company, Fortnite’s success has estimates worth about $ 8 billion, at least a few months ago. So, yes, if Elon Musk gave up on about half of his fortune, he could actually buy Epic Games and then close his most popular game.

Okay, I feel like we’ve explored the depths of this meme a lot, but I’ll update if it goes up any further.

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