Eita! Groups at Viber will have a capacity of up to 1 billion members

Eita! Groups at Viber will have a capacity of up to 1 billion members

The Viber messaging application is positioning itself as the largest group chat. The company will launch a service called Viber Community, which offers groups with a “limit” of up to 1 billion members. This leaves behind the Telegram, whose groups have capacities for up to 100,000 members.

After good changes to Viber, which lately has gained features to be more like WhatsApp, the new move moves the app to a completely different direction. The company is expected to announce the novelty tomorrow, but Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani, CEO of Rakuten, gave some details during his conference at Mobile World Congress.

In these chats, members can interact with feedback and reactions, and administrators can monetize, leverage a network of partner applications, and one of the largest e-commerce services, Rakuten, which owns Viber.

While communities may be around specific people, they will be more focused on themes and interests. So you can follow personalities and brands, interact with them in some scenarios, and moderators can monetize through ads and other resources.

It looks like Viber hopes this release will lead to more active use of the app and perhaps bring in new users. By creating communities around interests and with the ability to be as large as the application user base itself, Viber can begin to be seen less as a messaging service and more as a social network.

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