Durango: Mobile Game Gets A TV Series in South Korea

Durango: Mobile Game Gets A TV Series in South Korea

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and Nexon have partnered in South Korea for a TV series that will be set in the Durango game universe (Android and iOS). “Dunia” focuses on a group of people who are lost on an apparently deserted island.

The highlight of Dunia is the participation of several famous artists in South Korea like Yunho, TVXQ, Luda, Cosmic Girls, JBJ’s Kwon Hyun Bin, actress Jung Hye Sung, rapper DinDin, actor Goo Ja Sung and the models/personalities Don Spike, Sam Okyere, Han Seoul and Austin Kang.

The program is very different from the usual Korean TV novels. The show will follow the ten cast members on a survival journey after being trapped in a land known as “Dunia.” The concept of the show explains a dramatic story that will unfold as the characters try to survive.

Curiously, there will be a protagonist, instead, the show will feature the talents and stories of the ten cast members.

The program is a collaboration between the MBC network and the mobile game “Durango”. We can not wait to see the launch of this game in the West.

Durango has been in testing in Brazil, but Nexon launched the game only in South Korea.


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