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Many games have played with the idea of reducing the gaming experience to a series of epic boss fights.

The Shadow of The Colossus and Monster Hunter series stand out in this approach by offering complex, well-executed battles that challenge your mind and your reflexes as you design a strategy strong enough to take you to the top.

Wanderer: War Song tries the same, but fails miserably in almost every respect.

Ambler: Battle Ballad

Like Monster Hunter or Shadow of the Colossus, Wanderer: War Song is not wasting time with random disposable enemy levels. Instead, jump directly to the good part: the big boss’s fight at the end of the level.

However, unlike the other two games, War Song has the unique approach of not providing any context or background story to who you are, who your enemies are and why you have decided to introduce the vulnerable parts of your anatomy to your sword.

Just select the boss fight you want to try on the main menu and watch a clumsy movie that shows that your character was taken aback by that beast. Once the drama ends, you engage in a decidedly less epic duel to the death. Unfortunately, your patience will probably expire before your opponent.

If you somehow prevail, they will treat you with another heavy movie from the boss monster being dismembered, gutted or ruined your day at another before the “Victory!” It flashes on the screen and you return without the slightest ceremony to the main menu.

Pilgrim: Combat Chanson

For all the flaws with the (lack of) narrative, it’s the poor quality controls that break the Wanderer: War Song and make playback almost impossible.

In theory, it is a set of two sticks with the control movement of the left virtual joystick, while the right joystick controls the camera.

This tested and approved control scheme works well in the world of consoles, but unfortunately the War Song touch screen controls are not up to the task. The movement of the left stick is at best complicated and completely inadequate for the complexity that battles require of you.

Attack and block are again, in theory, simple questions: you slide your finger across the screen to attack and double-click to block.

But of course not much attention was paid to entry in general, and detection of the particular impact, since their accesses are recorded only sometimes. When your character deigns to move his sword, there is a good chance that he will cross the enemy without damaging it.

Worse still, the camera angle control lever is right in the middle of the “special abilities” slots, which leads you to lose special attacks or healing abilities while you are unsuccessfully trying to deal with the camera.

Drifter: Ditty Assault

There are two positive things to say about Wanderer: War Song.

First, it sounds great. Unreal Engine 3’s graphics are easy to see, and the flat sands on which battles are fought will surely be pleasing to the eye, despite its monotonous lack of terrain.

Secondly, Wanderer: War Song honestly tries to be an interesting and fascinating game, simply does not try hard enough to justify its price of $ 4.99 / £ 2.99.

Over time, and with a mountain of upgrades, this can be a fun game for anyone looking for a Shadow of the Colossus on the go, but for now, it’s best to avoid it.

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