Download Trap Adventure 2: The World’s Most Stressful Game

Download Trap Adventure 2: The World's Most Stressful Game

For those who like a little challenging little game, the recommendation of the day is Trap Adventure.

The game has a thematic and gameplay that resembles the games CatMario and I Wanna Be the Gaiden Guy, that is, the game focuses on making you die many, many times.

The controls are simple, consisting of four buttons: forward, backward, jump and pause.

It has two game modes, the classic mode in which you have several lives, and the One Last Chance mode, in which you only have one life. There is also a system of levels in which from a quantity of xp you pass level and earn an extra life in the classic mode for each level that passes. Can be played at 30 or 60 fps, depending on the player’s preference.

The gameplay may prove to be somewhat challenging, but after a while it becomes quite possible to get accustomed to the controls and levels as you go over them.

In the Mobile platform , here are not many games in this style, but Trap Adventure does well to represent the genre to which it belongs and does better still in the matter of making the player pass anger.

Unfortunately, the game was not officially released for Android. There are only similar games, which you can check in our previous post

Link to Download Trap Adventure (iOS)

Link to Download Trap Adventure 2 (iOS)

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