Download The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 For PC & Android

Download The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 For PC & Android

Whenever a movie based on the stories of some hero is announced, we are sure that it will also be explored in a game. It was so with Captain America 2 – The Winter Soldier, and of course, it was to be expected that the same would happen with The Spectacular Spider-Man 2: The Threat of Electro.

Become the spectacular Spider-Man on an action-packed adventure in the open world and face your biggest challenge! New York is under threat of a gang war scattered throughout the city and only Spider-Man can end it! On their way are Electro and other evil villains. Will Spider-Man restore order and security in the Big Apple?


If you played the first game you know more or less what to expect from this continuation. Yes, your job is still to sway around while punching out bad guys and helping people on the streets of Manhattan, but with some differentials that promise to enhance that experience.

Starting with the city, it is larger than the version seen in the first game. The game’s look has been improved, which helps build a more lively environment in which people normally follow their lives (of course, as far as possible) while the masked hero fights crime.

The main idea of the predecessor’s progress remains here, and it is necessary to follow a sequence of missions to continue the story (they are presented in small cutscenes, which have texts in Portuguese, but dubbing in English). These are found at points where you find a blue light beam, but there are several other reds scattered across the game map.

It is in the reddish areas that the secondary missions are hidden. They are there not only to secure rewards for the warhead when rescuing civilians or to prevent the escape of thugs, but also points of popularity. And what are they for? In addition to giving a few bonuses in getting skills, you can also hear passers-by sending out encouraging messages to the neighborhood friend as he walks or rocks buildings.

Fighting against crime

We’re talking about a game based on an action movie. So it was to be expected that it would be part of the package you find here, and participating in each battle is a truly rewarding experience.

Whenever you reach a point where you can enable new missions, an icon appears in the lower right corner. When you press it, the character makes a move that starts the fight, and then it is enough to go to action. It is possible to invest against banditry by quickly pressing the attack button or tossing webs at enemies.

During clashes opponents will try to surprise them with blows from the back, and that’s where a welcome feature comes in: when the signal of the hero’s sense appears on the screen, just press the corresponding button so that it strikes the attacker with a movement that can make him dizzy (and by using the web he gets stuck until the end of the battle) or open his defense for further attacks.

Speaking of battles, one of the novelties in this game is the presence of aerial combat. When you spot opponents that will try to surprise you by the air, just hit the attack button to fight back. In this way, the character chases the enemies with their webs at the same time that he invests against them – and this is a very fun addition, by the way.

Download The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 For PC & Android

Other Options

In addition to this, the game also gives the possibility to improve the techniques of the character, which is done in a tree of abilities that presents varied options, such as increments for the combos, for the movements of the web and so on.

There is even a store to buy items using the game currency or real money. You can access it at any time by the radar of the game, bringing the desired help to the field of action whenever you need it.

Other embellishments complete the package, such as the character’s exclamations of “wohoo” and “haha” while swinging around. Not coincidentally, it is in these moments that we can perceive something strange: you can throw your webs in any direction that the protagonist will continue swinging around – even if it is done in areas without points for that.

If you are a fan of Marvel’s young hero and enjoyed the first game, the chance to be disappointed with this is very low – especially when you consider that it can be a beautiful “hot” for the release of the new movie, which will be available in national cinemas on May 1st.

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