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Download Sweet Candy Frenzy

For those who enjoy hobby games that require the use of quick thinking, Sweet Candy Frenzy is a game option. The key in the game is to connect 3 equal figures so they can disappear and make way for new combinations.

In each new phase, the game will propose a different goal that must be achieved by the user. This goal has to be reached in a given time for you to win and move on to the next stage. For example, in one of the phases, the mission is to have 3 keys fall into a portal. For this, you will have to make way for the keys to slide, making combinations between equal pieces. At a minimum, it is necessary the number of 3 combinations of figures for the disappearance to occur.

If time runs out and the player fails to complete the given task, he may have an extended time. This occurs when the user agrees to watch a video with commercial and wins as a reward an extra time to play. But if you still do not reach the goal, you can still have one more chance if you have at least 40 coins. With this score, he can buy another opportunity to finish the stage.

Sweet Candy Frenzy is an addictive hobby game where you have to connect 3 identical characters at least to make the pieces disappear. Similar to the famous Candy Crush, the game is fun and requires the player’s quick thinking. However, it does not present any innovation in relation to the popular competitor, since it uses the same dynamic.

The graphics are very colorful and have like sweet figures in various formats. Already the commands are simple to execute, just a drag with a finger to make the connections. The apparent ease of the game hides the factor that makes it addictive. By stipulating a goal to be achieved with each new phase, the game encourages the user to spend their time to reach the goal. It does not have a high degree of difficulty, but the question of time is a challenging element.

There is only one thing that bothers the title: the amount of ads. In spite of the good strategy of rewarding advertising visualization with in-game advantages, the game does not use this feature too much. In short, it is a good pastime game with the potential to please audiences of various age groups.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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