Download Storm Boy On Android and iOS – Free Apk

Download Storm Boy On Android and iOS - Free Apk

Storm Boy is an indie game that will be released for Playstation 4, Xbox One Nintendo Switch and mobile phones on November 20th. The title is a reimagining of a very moving film released in 1976, which in turn is based on a book by Colin Thiele.

The gameplay promises to be an adventure with some action parts. Check it out as the trailer.

Description of the game according to the official website:

Based on Colin Thiele’s 1964 children’s book, Storm Boy occurs on the beaches of southern Australia near the mouth of the Murray River, where the protagonist rescues orphaned pelican cubs, one of which later becomes the child’s pet and faithful fellow Mr. Percival.

Experience an interactive replay of the classic tale, taking control of Storm Boy and Mr. Percival at key moments, such as when the pair rescued seamen trapped during a storm. Relive your friendship and enjoy seaside activities in a wide variety of fun and relaxing mini-games, including sand drawing, boating, cockle hunting, hunting, surfing on the sand, pelican feeding, and more.

The TouchArcade website people tested the game during the PAX West 2018 event in April this year in Boston, Massachusetts.

Storm Boy is the same type of games that leaves us in doubt whether it is a game or an interactive experience. Those who enjoy titles like Old Man’s Journey and Florence will like it very much.

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