Download Salad Hunt – Kitchen Destruction Game For PC & Android

Download Salad Hunt - Kitchen Destruction Game For PC & Android

It was crazy in the kitchen! At least in the kitchen of the game Salad Hunt, available for free for Android.

The title is inspired by classic arcade shooters and shows a cook trying to deal with the craziness that turned his workplace. It turns out that the salad ingredients such as tomatoes, cauliflowers, onions and others came to life, adopting nice faces. But do not fool yourself: food only wants to bring even more chaos into the environment.

As a primary goal, you should keep this mess from continuing. For this, the chef throws dishes, bowls and everything that remains intact in his kitchen to try to contain the thugs, even if it leaves the place even more destroyed. What matters is to hit the crazed foods.

Commands consist of just touching the screen to shoot the objects, which vary according to the chosen game mode. This, in turn, can range from striking a specific amount of targets to passing the entire round by taking no more than three strikes from opponents. There is no ammunition limit and no need to aim to score points.

If you want to know if progress is going well, just look at the chef’s photo in the upper right corner of the screen. Ideally, keep it smiling to prevent problems in the kitchen from increasing.

Salad Hunt is the typical game for you to pass the time, without having to worry about characters, history or complex goals to be fulfilled. You as the chef should only try to wipe out the runaway ingredients that are driving a bang on the stage.

Perhaps, what makes this game so fun is that at no time does it take itself seriously. Starting with the cook himself, he destroys the little he has left instead of capturing the crazy salad. On the other hand, the title becomes repetitive very quickly, since the only task available is to throw objects and other food towards the enemies.

The graphics are regular, but you can see finishing faults in all the characters; nor the cute look of the protagonists is enough to save the visuals. The kitchen itself has confusing elements, and the movement of vegetables and vegetables leaves something to be desired – possibly because of bugs. Still in this aspect, the animations could be better.

The same is true of the track and sound effects, which burst the audio from your device. So if you’re playing headphones, turn down the volume.

Salad Hunt seems to be in a constant phase of development. It is a game that promotes entertainment for a few minutes but still needs to show (and a lot) the one that came.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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