Download Royale Rising For PC, Android & Windows

Download Royale Rising For PC, Android & Windows

Royale Rising is a game that did not ask to exist, but exists. Currently in a closed beta test on Android and iOS, the title is the most desperate attempt by Gameloft to enter the Battle Royale scenario, currently dominated by Tencent, NetEase and even Singaporean Garena.

With absolutely no charisma, the game attempts to be a Battle Royale with Top-down view. There are many ideas played here, some good ones bad. The result looks more like a “.iO” Shooter than a BR in the style of PUBG and Fortnite.

Royale Rising seems lightweight, and was meant to be lightweight, but it’s ridiculously heavy. The game has the same requirements as Fortnite! You will need at least a Snapdragon 820 with 3GB of RAM or higher. Ridiculous for what the game delivers in terms of graphics and gameplay.

When it works, Royale Rising has slow and mechanical controls that are difficult to understand at first. It takes time to really figure out what’s going on.

The game obviously needs polishing, and a lot. I do not know what level of development he is in, but I think it will be problematic to launch him without at least six months of hard work.

Download Royale Rising For PC, Android & Windows

Royale Rising looks like MOBA, claims to be a Battle Royale, but it’s a “.iO” style game. An attempt beyond very risky and desperate, of the same caliber of Blitz Brigade: Rival Tactics . The latter, a poorly made clone of Clash Royale, was a disaster that Gameloft has already removed from Google Play. The game has not been updated for months.

Another attempt that is far below expectations and competitors is the Battle Royale mode of Modern Combat 5. Literally a gambiarra, made in desperation so that fans do not abandon the game. It is even sadistic to say that the arrival of Call of Duty Mobile can kill MC 5 in a few months.

It is not easy for Gameloft to be relevant to the current shooter scene.

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