Download Rogue Agents: New Game Features Uncharted-Inspired Multiplayer

Rogue Agents is a multiplayer shooting game with a third-person view. The game features quick fighting and cover-up gameplay that is very reminiscent of the multiplayer mode of Uncharted games. Rogue Agents will be released soon for Android and iOS.

The new multiplayer TPS game is from Midnight Games, a rookie producer. But Rogue Agents looks pretty promising. Check out the trailer.

The only previous game from this producer was After Us. A zombie shooter with Minecraft graphics. Launched in 2016, After Us has already been removed from app stores.

But Rogue Agents is a giant leap for this little production star. The game looks really cool and has everything you need to succeed. The visual is not the best, but I say this as something positive, because it allows the game to reach more people and intermediate and weak devices.

Rogue Agents seems light and made to measure for the public of Brazil. He just needs more charismatic characters. Their look (the chars) is still very generic. The main character seems even copied from the early arts of Bullet Strike. It is not?

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