Download Rocket Ball – Rocket Car Ball For PC & Android

Download Rocket Ball - Rocket Car Ball For PC & Android

In Rocket Car Ball, the player participates in car football matches. As in the traditional mode of the sport, the main goal is to make the most goals in the opponent. However, in addition to having skill and aim,  here it  is necessary to destroy the other players to score points.

After a nuclear world war, in 2038, the planet is completely destroyed. There are few inhabitants left on Earth, who are having fun with sports like this, according to the plot of the game. In an arena, two teams of cars face each other with a large iron ball. To prevent the opponent from scoring, it is worth resorting to beating and firing with weapons to destroy the competitor. The player has several models of vehicles to choose from, all equipped with guns and turbo jet capable of greatly increasing the speed of the car.

Anyone who wants to win the game can not take the effort to destroy the enemy and score the goal. However, with each win the game becomes more difficult and obstacles arise. Traps are scattered all over the arena. They are freezing rays and platforms that rise, which prevent or hinder the movement of the car. All this to the sound of a soundtrack full of heavy rock and an atmosphere reminiscent of the movie “Mad Max.”

The Rocket Car Ball features an unusual and lethal football game between cars. The main mission is to score goals with a large iron ball. With high technical level graphics and a soundtrack composed by heavy rock, the mood created is similar to that of the movie “Mad Max”.

All this scenario helps to provoke an adrenaline in the player, who needs to have an aggressive posture to score in the game. The obstacles and the combat with the vehicles of the adversary team are factors that spice up the dynamics. Having a strategy is not so important, what counts is to accelerate and come out hitting everything and everyone so that the ball hits the goal.

With a high level of action, the player has to be with his fingers on the controls all the time. The possibility of addiction in the game is great. It was a great success for developers to unite in one game two passions: cars and soccer. Done efficiently, the combination results in a fun game option.

Download Rocket Ball - Rocket Car Ball For PC & Android

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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