Download Retro Gamer Adventure For PC & Android

Download Retro Gamer Adventure For PC & Android

Youtubers who like retro-games are reunited to get hit in the game Retro Gamer Adventure. Play with cute 16-bit versions of Velberan, Pai Troll, Snestalgia and many others in a “Street Fight” game.

In Retro Gamer Adventure, you will control the Youtubers and face damn ninjas in a game full of nostalgia. The game is totally free and fan class tributes like Megaman, Street of Rage, TMNT: Turtles in time and many others. Check out the trailer.

How to install Retro Gamer Adventure on Android

To install Retro Gamer Adventure on Android, you need to download the Openbor APK. Openbor is a game engine in the “street fight” style.

After downloading the Openbor APK, you must start it and then exit it. Now it’s time to download the game itself, which is in the “PAK” format. (That’s right, PAK, it’s not APK).

Locate RGA.PAK and copy it to the “openbor / pak /” folder. Okay, now just start Openbor, play the game and start playing.

Minimum requirements: Quad-core processor 1.2 GHZ, resolution 960 × 480 and 1GB of RAM. Some games require 2GB of RAM.

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