Download NOVA Legacy on iPhone and iPad For Free

Download NOVA Legacy on iPhone and iPad For Free

The Gameloft today unveiled a trailer tease  NEW Legacy. The remaster first released on Android will arrive on the iPhone and iPad soon. Legacy is the remastering of the first Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (NOVA), originally released in 2009.

With clear influences of the series HALO (Microsoft), NOVA gained notoriety for being a shooting game with good history and great twists. The remastered version has two Android subversions: one is paid for and is available on the Gameloft site, the other is completely free.

The trailer does not specify which version will reach iOS. Will it be paid or free? Or both? But the game is already being tested in the Russian App Store and is free.

Russian App Store Game Link

Developer: Gameloft 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires iOS 8 
Language: English | Size: 70 MB

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