Download Nautical Life For PC & Android

Download Nautical Life For PC & Android

Ah, life on the high seas … Who has never wished to sail on a comfortable luxury yacht and live only from the fishing of exotic and rare fish? Nautical Life promises to bring it all.

The game comes with a simple and straightforward idea. In control of the owner of a brand new yacht, you must travel through different seas and beaches trying to catch the biggest fishes you can. Just click on a fish that appears on the map to start a task catch, however, much easier in theory than in practice, since its success is defined by a minigame that is as uncomplicated as it is challenging.

Briefly, the dispute consists of a “tug of war” between you and the fish. Click the capture button so that the game compares the values loaded on the bars on both sides; the difference between them is credited in favor of who was with the highest number, affecting a meter of this fight.

If you get enough points to take the meter to the right, you get the fish, which is added to your collection. What if you let the catch bar go to the fish side? Well, that’s going to stick to the fisherman’s stories …

It is also worth noting that there are plenty of fish to find in the game. Elements such as the map visited and the time within the game can bring completely different creatures, such as crabs, shrimp and even sharks.

So far, everything seems simple enough. But calm, because that’s not all: rarer fish are potentially more powerful, with power bars that can reach much higher values than you with your common fishing rod. Also, you can not take too long to try new catches, as the gauge of the dispute continually hangs to the side of the bug.

Living – and enjoying – fishing

The solution to increase your chances in this impasse? If you equip yourself better, of course. Nautical Life allows the player to buy new fishing rods and even baits; the first item increases the maximum score of your catch attempts, while the second item makes the rarest fish appear to be faced.

Achieving this is not so simple, however: all these items and improvements cost high sums of virtual money. To get the game currency, you can sell the fish caught in your fisheries separately or get specific creatures ordered by NPCs spread across the different fishing spots that are released as you progress through the game.

With any luck, it is also possible to find containers full of money lost at sea, but it is better not to rely on them to get rich. If you really want to take a chance, betting at the South Shore Casino can yield many results, but keep in mind that it can still be expensive if you do not control yourself.

Of course the time comes when having just the best fishing rod will not be enough. In that case, you can use your resources to upgrade your yacht – or even switch to bigger boats – to have even more comfort in your travels (and to show yourself to your friends online, obviously).

Emperor of the fishery

Is fishing alone not generating as much as you would like? Do not worry, it can be solved. That’s because with the advancement of gaming in Nautical Life, you can hire other fishermen to help with your task. The idea is simple: hire new employees, click on them to collect the fish and you’re done! Your stock is full for sales. Just remember to check often, of course, so that their fishing space does not end up full.

To download Nautical Life, you need to use Steam.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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