Download More Game like Fortnite for Android & PC

Download More Game like Fortnite for Android & PC

Check out a list of Android games that really are similar to Fortnite. We chose games that besides owning the Battle Royale mode, have construction mechanics or other crazy power-ups.

Creative Destruction

Download More Game like Fortnite for Android & PC

Of all the games available on Google Play, the closest thing to Fortnite is Creative Destruction. For those who do not know, this is FortCraft, that game that NetEase had prepared and that disappeared from the map.

Fortcraft came back as Creative Destruction. The producer was careful not to leave the game too close to receiving process, so it can be kind of hard to find it on Google Play.

The creative mechanics of Creative Destruction are just like Fortnite’s. The difference is that there is only one material that improves as the game progresses.

The perfect alternative to Fortnite! Portuguese game, very well done!

Download Link on Android

Developer: ZuoMasterDeveloper 
Advertising: No | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.4 
Language: English | Size: 900 MB

Rocket Royale

Download More Game like Fortnite for Android & PC

Rocket Royale is another game very similar to Fortnite. But it’s not as close as Creative Destruction (CD). Rocket Royale is most recommended for those who want short matches and does not have a powerful mobile phone to play CD.

With duo and solo modes, Rocket Royale matches have a maximum of 20 players. The game is similar to Fortnite because of the construction mechanics. You can build ramps, walls, roofs and so on.

One of the differentials of Rocket Royale is that there are two ways to win. You can win by killing all the characters of the other players, or by building a rocket to escape the place.

It’s only 99 MB to download.

Download link on Google Play

Developer: OneTonGames 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 
Language: English | Size: 96 MB

PUBG Mobile (Timi)

The latest game on our list of Android games like Fornite is PUBG Mobile. But calm, is not the game of Google Play, but the Chinese version released by the studio Timi.

In this version there is a way where you can do several things, see a list below:
  • Stone Camouflage
  • Shrub Camouflage
  • Hologram of your avatar
  • Explosive Trap (Mine)
  • Electrical Trap
  • Structure to reach high places (turned Fortnite?)
  • Shield mountable (fixed to ground)
  • Shield to load
  • Deathcam replay

Besides all this, the game has the normal modes of PUBG with Battle Royale without constructions, arcade mode and etc. As if that were not enough, this version is the first to receive all the news from the Google Play version, such as the Sanhok map.

How to download PUBG Mobile (Timi)

And here ends our list of Android games with which Fortnite. Missing any? Leave a comment.

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