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Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign is a puzzle and RPG game in which your goal is to fight fights with the help of the Marvel characters against the biggest villains in comics. Prepare combinations of punches to destroy your opponents before they end up with you.

In Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign, each Marvel character represents one piece on the board. Your mission is to unite three or more pieces of the same character to apply blows to your enemies.

The villains take control

After the Iso-8 epidemic, the superhero community struggles to recover. Taking advantage of the chaos, the supervillains took control of the national security. Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign follows these events, which blend the destinies of heroes and villains of the Marvel universe forever.

Our Opinion

Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign is a puzzle and RPG game in which your objective is to hit strikes on Marvel’s villains by joining pieces on a board. For this, you can count on the help of Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, among others.

The game mixes elements of RPG and puzzle in an interesting way: to strike your blows, simply join three or more pieces of the same color, each type of piece representing a hero of Marvel. As soon as you do the training, the blow will be applied.

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A well-known playing style

The gameplay is identical to most games in the bejeweled style. The difference is that each formation represents a blow and several power-ups can be added to boost your attacks, making the matches much more fun.

Each character has a certain amount of hit points. That way, you have to be aware of their movements, since the blow is given to the last person who used them.

At the time of the battle, a little disappointment

The game has very well-made graphics. The pieces are three-dimensional and represent the powers of each character. For example, the Iron Man symbol is identical to the Ark reactor that keeps the hero alive.

However, animations could be more complex. In the game, each blow is represented with a flash of light on the enemy, which is a poor visual effect. However, this simplified option brought more agility to the game, since the focus is the movement of the pieces.

A must-see game for fans

Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign is quite simple to play, but presents a tremendous level of difficulty. At certain stages, only smart combinations can save your heroes. So think carefully before you make your moves.

The game is fun and addictive. For those who are fans of Marvel, this title is practically unmissable. You’ll be able to face a lot of challenges, detonate power-ups and end up with all the villains at an amazing pace.

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