Download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes For PC & Android For Free

Download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes For PC & Android For Free

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is another game in the LEGO series in which we control various comic book heroes and movie screens like the characters from The Avengers and X-Men.

People who are fans of these superheroes and their stories are likely to be very interested in this new LEGO title (available on iOS and Android), entirely in Portuguese and characterized by the humor typical of the series.

The game has no ads and is paid ($ 13.30), but there are other in-game purchases that demand real money. When starting LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, several scenes present the heroes and the enemies that we will face, as if they were an episode. For example, in the first stage you have Iron Man and Hulk at Grand Central Station and you must face the Sandman.

You who choose the style of gameplay

You can leave the buttons visible on the screen or make them invisible – however, you prefer. With the 3D isometric view of the scene, it is possible to have a broad notion of the stage and walk, run and destroy nearby objects. Always only a hero is on the scene (even if others are unlocked), and to change characters you only need to press the icon in the upper left corner.

Download LEGO Marvel Super Heroes For PC & Android For Free

Of course, there are special attacks in which two or more heroes appear simultaneously, but as LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is a single player game, this is something temporary. Another aspect that should be mentioned is that all superheroes have specific abilities and therefore must be changed depending on the stage challenge.

For example, only the Hulk can destroy debris and lift heavy items, and only the Iron Man can fly and ignore obstacles on the ground. When you destroy the enemies and items by the scenarios, LEGO pieces fall through the ground. Collect all of them as they can be used to buy new characters and heroes – as well as other items that help you in the challenges of the stages.


Fans of all Marvel superheroes who also enjoy the fun games of the LEGO series are sure to be very interested in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The game is all in Portuguese (despite being Portuguese from Portugal), which in itself is already a very attractive factor, especially since several dialogues between heroes and action scenes appear in the title.

As you would expect from a LEGO title, Marvel Super Heroes has the characteristic good humor of LEGO games and their visual whim. The app’s settings are beautiful, extremely capricious and full of hidden challenges for you to explore. With quality 3D graphics, we can see the world in detail and with many colors, whether the parts are built by LEGO parts or not.

In addition, the game has a high number of phases that will surely keep you entertained for a long time, since the replay factor is very high here. To increase this willingness to play, there are dozens and dozens of characters that can be unlocked by you – all with specific skills and visuals that set them apart.

The whim is in the details

The animations of these heroes on the set are excellent – just like the villains when they appear. The sound effects are also great because all the characters have sounds that only they emit (like the screams of the Hulk and the metallic noises of the Iron Man). The gameplay is very simple and can even be customized by you, with buttons displayed or not on the screen, which is very interesting.

But we have warned that to play LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is necessary to have enough free space on the device, since this is a heavy game and has more than 2.2 GB. On the side of the negative factors, we can also mention the fact that this is a paid game ($ 13.30) and asks you to buy packages of other items with real money.

So get ready, because you can spend a lot of money on the app. Except for this factor, this is an excellent and extremely fun application, made with the whim of LEGO.

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