Download Hunter Crew an MMORPG with characters from Hunter X Hunter

It was released for Android (in some countries) the game Hunter Crew. The game is an MMORPG featuring characters from the famous anime and manga Hunter X Hunter. The game is available on Android.

The Hunter Crew battles are in turns, but everywhere else, the game resembles an MMORPG. There will be hundreds of quests to complete and the main campaign is entirely related to the anime (including anime scenes).

Game description:

Keep in touch with friends who talk about it together in their childhood? 
Back in time Calling friends to resurrect memories again. Change the look! 
200% back to classic stories over 20 years. 
Test Hunter Patience in the middle of the fire. Maya Shadowman Slash Island … family history. 一一 coming back 
Hunter’s gate opened. See if you can win the Great Hunter! 
Log in to get some of the most popular classic characters such as Gnarne and Kirill.

===== Game Features ===== 

  • The story remains the same! Journey to history 20 years ago.
  • Quote from the cartoon. You have to venture out with the Hunter again. Classic scenes such as the fairgrounds of
  • Whale Island. Slash Island Will be back again.
  • Character system Have fun with all the hunters. 
  • Classical characters like Gokurai Kurokawa Hizuka will appear again. 
  • How to play variety Get out of the old boring picture in everyday life.
  • Play a variety of games, such as the invaders of the central battlefield. Welcome groups of travelers will make you experience the life of the Hunter monster. 
  • Ability to connect. Create the two strongest teams. 
  • In addition to cartoon characters and classic skills. The game also adds a co-attack system. Experience special skill effects created by teamwork between characters. 
  • “Animals are not on the side of the body. Increased non-stop power. 
  • Game added to the new animal system. It can increase the power of the team by getting stronger animals. Make your hunter level rise quickly. 
  • PK Congregational Army.
  • Multiplayer expansion games like the Boss World Boss Tournament. Helping in the fight, tear limitation, fighting alone. Invite your friends to join the world!

To enjoy the game, you need to use a VPN and point to Thailand.

Download Link on Google Play (ANDROID)

Developer: Qgame 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 
Language: Thai | Size: 81 MB + additional downloads.

Steps To Download Granny On PC Or Mac:

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Download: Google Play Store Link

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Download: iPadian ( For iOS Apps )

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