Download Great The School: White Day For Free until the April 30th

Download Great The School: White Day For Free until the April 30th

The School: White Day is an amazing horror and suspense game. Developed for PCs and consoles, the game of 2016 reached the smartphones maintaining visual quality. The game gets paid, but it’s free for a limited time on Android and iOS.

Until April 30th, players will be able to download the game. Even if you do not have space on your smartphone, you can start downloading and then cancel, so the game is linked to your account and will be available for free download at any time.

The School: White Day is a 3D action game with elements that will make the player immediately remember classic series like Silent Hil.

White Day is set to commemorate the “White Day”, it is a holiday that would be a complement to Valentine’s Day in Asia. On Valentine’s Day, it is customary for girls to give chocolates to boys. At White Day it’s the turn of the boys to return the favor.

Your character goes to a school to deliver the gift to a girl. Arriving at the site, he realizes that something is wrong. Everyone is gone and the school is shrouded in a fog.

After the introduction, the player is guided to the main menu, where you can set the graphics, check the layout of the controls and choose the language (English and Spanish).

As with any terrifying game of terror, playing with headphones is not just essential, it’s a must. Explore the school and find out what happened to your loved one and her school.

Link to Download on Android | iOS

Advertising | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: No 
Requires Android 4.0 or higher 
Language: English / Spanish | Size: 2 GB

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