Download Fall World: “Durango 2” For (PC, Android & Mac)

Download Fall World: "Durango 2" For (PC, Android & Mac)

There is no way to look at Fall World (from Zeus Game) and not think that it was inspired by Durango (Nexon). The graphics, gameplay and even the advertising are almost identical.

Fall World is an open world MMORPG with a Survival theme that tells the story of the late 21st century. Humanity was attacked by the invaders of Alpha Centauri. The big explosion caused radiation and alien technology destroyed our world.

Scientists then created underground bases and put several people selected to stay in cryogenic chambers and wake up only many years later.

You get just like one of these people. Try to survive in an environment full of dinosaurs and zombies.

Fall World draws attention to the great 3D graphics, with changes to the third-person isometric camera (above the shoulder) of the character.

Many are calling the game “Durango 2″. And the nickname has fallen well, as the hype surrounding the release of Fall World is sky high.


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Fall World bears many similarities to Durango as survivors with unique abilities. But the new game also features Last Day on World elements, such as short scanning cycles and little online interaction (although PvP is confirmed).

The Zeus Game game arrives in China on August 31, 2018. I do not know how it has not rolled out yet.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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