Download Dragon Ball Strongest War for Android & PC

Download Dragon Ball Strongest War for Android & PC

The way Chinese (and Korean) developers view mobile games is completely different from the Western model and even Japanese. A good proof of this is when we put side by side the latest Dragon Ball game (so far) versus Dragon Ball Strongest War (龙珠 最强 之 战) , a game recently released in China.

The difference is glaring. While the first (Western) is a game with limited gameplay, and puzzle elements, Dragon Ball Strongest War is an action RPG with vivid gameplay and impressive graphics quality, check out the video below.

Dragon Ball Strongest War is unbelievable. An open world MMORPG that strolls through the lore of the Dragon Ball. The game begins with the battle between Goku and Freeza, but then remakes every step of the hero, from the first Dragon Ball (the one there that spent on the Saturday Animated on SBT).

Amazing is not it? Unfortunately, this type of game is very difficult to come to the West. The vast majority of anime games, which are produced on Chinese soil, are licensed for distribution only in that country, and this makes remote their coming to Google Play Brazil, for example.

A similar case is with the MMORPG Mobile of the Knights of the Zodiac, which we post firsthand, and that has never been considered coming to the West.

With information of the Official Site of the game.

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