Download Dragon Ball Legends APK For PC & Android For Free

Download Dragon Ball Legends APK For PC & Android For Free

Well, it was not long before the guys did it again (as happened with Modern Combat 5). Dragon Ball Legends was not released (nor in soft launch). Bandai Namco has released only access for some players for closed beta testing. But someone released the APK on the internet.

The APK has leaked because the game is not yet on Google Play from any country. It appears only to those who received the anticipated CBT.

See how the game is in the video below.

Dragon Ball Legends is really very cute. This is a game that Toei and Bandai Namco are betting on. The look impresses, the gameplay is well differentiated (mixes tapping with cards, but has several interesting mechanics). Legends is essentially a fighting game for mobile with multiplayer in real time.

The visual and combat mechanics are reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z Budokai. The characters appear with one in the foreground and one in the background. Combat can be both melees and ranged. Especially the limited breaks, the famous special blows like Kamehameha.

Download free game before the launch is wrong?

But coming back to talk about the leak. It’s not something 100% wrong, after all, the game is licensed to be distributed for free.

But if you downloaded the APK out there and you do not know why it is not working, you know, right? Bandai Namco should have limited access only to those who signed up for the beta. Another possibility is for Dragon Ball Legends to have few servers, and so they are crowded. If you downloaded the APK there, you can keep tapping “Retry” to try to play.

For obvious reasons, we will not post the game’s APK. But as soon as it shows up on Google Play or APK Pure, we’ll post it here.

APK link in APK Pure (not available yet)

Pre-registration link

Download Link on Google Play

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