Download Destiny Warfare: FPS of the future For PC & Android

In a futuristic war arena, whoever has more accuracy and trigger ability wins

With the new emerging technologies in the market, it becomes more and more accessible to play a good FPS on your mobile device. This is the case of Destiny Warfare, a first-person shooter game where you control a mercenary in futuristic war arenas. Grab your best weapons and defensive equipment to defeat your opponents.

Destiny Warfare has four game modes:

  • Kills as a team:  in this mode, two teams fight for supremacy on the battlefield. You must take into account the number of killings, deaths, and assists made to stand out among the best players, focusing on killing the troops of the opposing team. The winning team is the one to score the most points.
  • Mata-mata:  basically the same proposal as Mata-Mata as a team, but in this case, you will be alone with everyone.
  • Hardcore:  A more realistic way, where only the most experienced can survive. In it, you can not die, otherwise, you lose the game. The damage received is doubled and the scenario is higher, providing a more realistic combat experience.
  • Custom Game:  Create your own game mode with your rules and invite your friends to battle together. In this mode, what counts is fun.

Destiny Warfare matches require 10 players. Participants are divided according to the game mode selected, and it ends when the sum of the killings reaches 50. As mentioned above, each game mode has a different criterion to decide the winner.

Choose one of the four classes available to play. Rookie, Saboteur, Tank, and Aggressor are your options, and each has specific skills and functions on the battlefield. Each match brings a distinct experience to the player. Scenarios vary depending on the game mode and the selected environment, which can generate a fast match in low gravity or a slow match with high gravity.

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Destiny Warfare is an innovative FPS set in the future, with several elements that influence the game mode. In it, the player controls a mercenary participating in interplanetary battles, with gravitational changes and classes of soldiers with different abilities.

The gameplay of Destiny Warfare loses a bit of games from other platforms but is much higher than expected when it comes to a game for mobile devices. The response of the commands is fast, but the precision is not so pleasant and ends up slightly harming the game experience. Still, it was a wise choice for developers not to have included a button to shoot. In this way, players can focus on controlling the crosshairs, rather than worrying about aiming and firing at the same time.

One of the highlights of Destiny Warfare is its graphics and ambiance. The futuristic theme can be seen in several first-person shooter games, but it is not always as well enjoyed as it was here. Planets with different ecosystems abandoned ruins and different levels of gravity that influence the rhythm and way of controlling the character are some of the highlights that this game presents for its users.

Destiny Warfare is the game that any lover of FPS style games was looking for their mobile devices.

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