Download Black Desert Mobile in the West

Pearl Abyss unveiled the release date for Black Desert Mobile in the West. Unfortunately, it looks like the game was set for 2019. This is due to the release in the rest of Asia, which will consume the entire calendar of 2018. The game will be released in the west only in the first quarter (between January and March 2019).

Black Desert Mobile will be released in Taiwan and China as early as 2018. According to the MMO Culture website news, all servers will be provided by Pearl Abyss itself, except the Chinese server.

Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of the popular MMO with stunning graphics. The game won versions for Android and iOS in February 2018. For now, Black Desert Mobile is exclusive in South Korea (although playable in Brazil).

With a jaw-dropping visual, Black Desert Mobile is one of the most beautiful and demanding games on smartphones. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and features characters much like the PC version.

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