Download Bendy in Nightmare Run For PC & Windows – Free Download

Download Bendy in Nightmare Run For PC & Windows - Free Download

Bendy in Nightmare Run is a running game with the character of the game Bendy and the Ink Machine (PC and consoles). The game mobile maintains the look in the style “30s” and has a high difficulty. Bendy in Nightmare Run is available for free for Android and iOS and is offline!

At Bendy’s command, the player will go through “Boss Runner” acts. There are several bosses that need to be defeated, and you will hardly get it the first time.

The commands are simple. Drag your finger on the screen to dodge obstacles or jump them. To hit the “big boss” you have to collect weapons and shoot at him.

The art direction is the big highlight here. The look is very reminiscent of those cartoons of the late 1920s, early 1930s. Rich and detailed animations.

However, the look can be a problem even in mobile phones. Bendy in Nightmare Run is a bit “heavy” and it warms up the smartphone during the game.

This lack of optimization is evident during loadings that take a long time, even on top-of-the-line devices. In some cases, the game features lag in the commands as well.

But do not let these problems get you away from Bendy in Nightmare Run. The game impresses with difficulty. Unlike other games that want to become a “habit”, Bendy in Nightmare Run has that “Cuphead” look also in difficulty. It’s very difficult to get past the bosses on the first try. But fortunately, there are some power-ups that can be purchased with the game’s virtual currency: soup cans.

Bendy in Nightmare Run is offline, but requires an internet connection the first time you open the game.

Download Link on the App Store (iOS)

Download Link on Google Play (Android)

Developer: Joey Drew Studios 
Advertising: Yes | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built in: Yes 
Requires Android 4.1 / iOS 10.0 
Language: English | Size: 178 MB

Download Bendy in Nightmare Run For PC & Windows - Free Download

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

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