Download Battleplans For PC & Windows – Free

Download Battleplans For PC & Windows - Free

Defend Your Territories And Conquer Enemy Lands

Battleplans is a real-time strategy game where you must lead small squadrons of soldiers with the goal of capturing enemy zones across the battlefield. The first to capture three crystals wins the battle.

The control system in Battleplans is simple and well-suited for touch screens. You just need to draw lines to make it go to a specific area. If you find an enemy unit on the way, you will have to battle. The winner of the battle is the one with the strongest troops.

Between missions, you have to manage your island. The most important thing is to raise the level of your heroes, since the larger, more units they can lead in battle. What’s more, each hero has a number of unique abilities, which can give him an edge at key moments.

In attack missions, your goal is to capture enemy crystals – but they are not your only missions. You want to participate in defense missions, where you plan the movements of your troops in preparation for the attack of other players.

Battleplans is a great strategy game that offers a fun game experience. And the graphics are completely awesome.


• OUTSMART ENEMIES: Choose from a mix of unique heroes as you attack and defend both computer players and live players.
• DIRECT CONTROL: Shock in real time, control of heroes and troops in one shot.
• COMPETITION: Master the card. Plan, attack and defend your schedule.
• STRATEGIC CAMPAIGN: Capture free bases and heroes from the evil Skull King and his henchman, the Soul Titan.
INTUITIVE CONTROLS: easy to learn and fun to master. Quick thinking is better than fast fingers.
REAL-TIME TACTICS: Quickly select your next turn to change the course of the fight.
DEFINE DEFENSE: Use Intelligent Defense Planning to predict and thwart attack options.
BASE BUILDING: Use resources to improve your bases and ward off invaders.
MULTIPLE OPTIONS: Mix and match heroes and troop types for endless team combinations.

Steps To Download On PC Or Mac:

Use/Play the app directly on your PC or Mac. Just choose any of your favourite emulator from below links.Use your phone as a remote control when playing games. Run all your favourite apps on your desktop ( WhatsApp, FaceApp, Netflix etc).Seamless transition of apps from PC to mobile device without the hassle of wireline or wireless connection. play bigger and Play More:

Download: Google Play Link

Download: Bluestacks Emulator

Download: Andy Emulator

Download: iPadian ( For iOS Apps )

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