Download Armed Heist: Shooting Game For Android & iOS

Finally, Android users will be able to download and play Armed Heist. The game of bank robbery and jewelry has many similarities to Pay Day, but for now, Heist is focused only on solo missions. Free game, but still in tests.

Altogether there are 70 stages. In all, the player must practice assaults beyond complicated. The graphics are very beautiful, highlighting the characters that improve their style with each round.

The missions are increasing with each new assault. Thus, you need to improve your character’s weapons in order to achieve the objectives.

The gameplay style follows the subgenre “cover shooter”. Players need to hide, and use the third person camera to shoot at enemies. The controls give freedom to move around the scene, but the phases are very short.

As negative points, we can highlight the requirement of internet connection. Armed Heist, so far, is just singleplayer. Having to go straight online is a bad thing for a game that does not show justification for it.

Link to Download APK

Download Link on ANDROID

Developer: SOZAP AB 
Advertising: Yes | Online Game 
Contains built-in shopping: Yes 
Requires Android 4.2 
Language: English | Size: 1 GB

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