Don’t panic: Alto’s Odyssey is still Coming to Android

Alto’s Odyssey will launch on Android later than iOS

As we previously reported, developer Snowman has opted not to release Alto’s Odyssey simultaneously on iOS and Android. Instead, it will release later, in the coming months.

The reason for that has just been made clear, thanks to Android Authority who reached out to Snowman for comment.

Alto’s Odyssey is still coming to Android “in the months ahead”

It seems that its not a question of want, but the team just isn’t big enough to split development between platforms. As a result, iOS has taken priority, but we will still see it on Android.

Ryan Cash, who answered Android Authority’s question stopped short of providing a release date – or window – though, and instead reiterated that it would likely be months until we see it.

It’s frustrating for sure, but at least we are getting it. So let’s just enjoy Alto’s Adventure for a little while longer before we get the sequel.

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