Digimon Encounter: Download For PC, Android & Windows – Free

Digimon Encounter: Download For PC, Android & Windows - Free

In 2017, Bandai Namco announced on social networks that it is working with the studio Momo Game in a new mobile game, Digimon: Encounter. Since then, we did not have news until the producer presented the game trailer yesterday (6) on China Joy 2018. Watch the trailer below:

The game will be a “Dungeon Crawler” RPG, with turn-based combat. There will be over 200 Digimons to choose from. Incursions in campaign mode can be done in cooperative mode with another player, hence the name “Encounter”.

The official description mentions the PVP modes 3v3v3 and 2v2v2, which is really intriguing. Ah, yes, did you identify the first Digimon exclusive to the game in the trailer?

For now, the game is exclusive to China.

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