Dead of Alive 5: Ultimate could not be more Disappointing

Dead of Alive 5: Ultimate could not be more Disappointing

Fighting games from famous franchises usually disappoint on the cell phone. After the disappointment of Tekken Mobile, we did not even get a chance to recover and Keico sends us a bomb called Dead of Live 5: Ultimate.

With a completely misleading game trailer, Dead of Live 5: Ultimate gives the false impression that it is a fighting game. In fact it is more a game of RPG with combats in shifts.

Not that this genre is bad. But who enjoys the franchise, already imagined to fight with the classic persongens like Hitomi, Lisa and Ayane in another game with much pancaria and short clothes. As well as the PC version and consoles, the game also features Virtua Fighter characters like Pai, Sarah and Akira.

Anyway, a big disappointment. I could not play 2 minutes of the game and I already uninstalled. Most of the time the Chinese get their hands on bringing console game characters to the mobile. But in the case of Dead of Live 5, no.

Dead of Live 5: Ultimate was beta-tested in 2017 and was officially released earlier this year. If you want to be disappointed too, the download link is just below.

Download Link

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