Dead Cells will reach Android soon

Dead Cells will reach Android soon

Dead Cells, the “Metroidvania” that is commonly dubbed “Dark Souls 2D” (nowadays everything good is compared to Dark Souls), came up and was later removed from Google Play this weekend. A beta version of the game appeared for a few hours in the Android application store.

Was it fake? Was not! According to the Android Police and Droidgamers, the game is actually in testing on Android. It was removed from the store because it had already broken the limit of beta testers.

The details still not few, but what all indicated will be the same game of PC and consoles. Dead Cells will reach Android by the hands of Prodigious, the same producer who brought Evoland 2 to the platform the little robot.

Dead Cells will hit Android, most likely with a paid and offline “full price” game, as well as Evoland 2.

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