Day R Survival Post-Apocalyptic RPG for PC & Android

Day R Survival is a Post Apocalyptic RPG Released For Mobile

Day R Survival is an RPG game for Android and iOS that is based on post-apocalyptic themes. The game takes place in Russia in the 1990s, where a nuclear disaster wipes out almost the entire population of Earth. With gigantic content, this title for Android and iOS calls attention to being light and to be in Portuguese

War never changes …

The first thing that catches attention in Day R Survival is its history. The game is all in Portuguese, with a great translation into our language. You control a character who wakes up in the middle of this apocalypse. He remembers only that he has a wife and a daughter, and now he has to look for them in the devastated lands.

The facts are narrated as if it were a diary of the protagonist. However, strange things happen like dreams, and find other people who may want something beyond the resources you carry.

Another element that stands out is the size of the map, gigantic. The game has many places to explore. One cool thing is that the story is always punctuated, here and there, not letting the game fall into silly repetition (as in Last Day on Earth).

Not everything is what it seems

Day R Survival is a little RPG. It is only in 2D and there are no combat or exploiting animations. You do not see your character detonating enemies. This move to be more textual and less action may bother some people. But who enjoys exploration and survival, will love Day R Survival.

Despite being offline, the game has a very interesting and honest multiplayer. Calm down, it’s not that multiplayer that forces you to spend money. In Day R Survival, multiplayer functions as a market where players can trade items.

However, the multiplayer mode is much more aggressive. In it, in case you die, you lose all items and need to start the mode again.

Offline game

For those looking for a good RPG in Portuguese, the main highlight of Day R Survival is that it is 100% offline. I really liked the fact that I did not need the internet and to be quite textual. A very light game with a good story. It holds so much that it encourages the player to want to explore the whole game, to know what happened.

Day R Survival has a paid version on both iOS and Android.

Link in App Store (iPhone)

Link on Google Play (Android)

Link to Download APK (Android)

Developer: tltGames 
Advertisement: No | Game Offline 
Contains purchases built in: Yes 
Requires Android 4.0 / iOS 8.0 
Language: English | Size: 94 MB

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