Dandara: Art and History in a platform game for Android and iOS

Dandara: Art and History in a platform game for Android and iOS

Dandara is a platform game developed by a Brazilian studio. With the release scheduled for PC, Mac OS, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, the game – which is likely to be paid – is inspired in the “Metroidvania” style and has a lot of tupiniquim cultures.

If you missed history or art class, you will not recognize names like Dandara. But one glance at the look of Tarsila is enough to see that it is inspired by the painting Abaporu de (dã) Tarsila do Amaral.

The cool thing is that the game takes the story of Dandara and places it in a dystopian world. A bizarre universe of oppression along the lines of George Orwell’s (1984) literature.

But beyond the historical and artistic context, the game brings a mechanics of movement and innovative combat. Your character moves through jumps. Each screen is a small puzzle to solve. But the action sets the tone here, with incredible bosses to detonate.

Dandara will be released on February 6 with versions for PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS. The game will come later to Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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