Damonps2 Banned from Google Play Once Again

The life of the developer of the Playstation 2 emulator, Damonps2 is not easy at all. On the one hand, the group that developed PCSX2 accuses the developer of using libraries without permission, on the other, Google is “on top” of Damonps2. Result? The emulator has been banned from Google Play again.

This is the second time the app has been removed from the Google app store in less than a year. Apparently, it will be removed if it is “upside” again.

According to the developer of Damonps2, Google’s claims were: Spam and amount of ads exaggerated. Something that did not fit the version of Damonps2, which was even paid. Most likely, Google erased it by being an emulator and given another justification.

Lately, Google has been more judgmental with respect to emulators. Once fully released on Google Play, now they are usually deleted for no reason or explanation. The PPSSPP and Drastic live on and on.

Will the emulators make the days counted on Google Play? Anyway, it is still possible to find the APK of these internet emulators out.

Link to download DamonPS2

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